On the 160th anniversary of its foundation, from November 7th to November 10th the Politecnico di Torino will organize the first edition of the Festival della Tecnologia, four days of public meeting – free to all – to discuss, with an accessible language and in an interdisciplinary manner, the relationship between technology and society and to strengthen the dialogue between academia and society.

For the Politecnico, the Festival – entirely free of charge for all participants – represents a gift to citizens and public opinion in a region with strong historical connections with the world of technology and innovation. The technological roots represent not only a fundamental basis for present and future economic prosperity, but also an important resource to articulate an in-depth and highly interdisciplinary conversation on one of the predominant features of our times, i.e., technology.

In times of social, cultural and technologic turbulence, the Festival della Tecnologia is conceived as one of the first large events specifically devoted to a broad reflection on technology and its role in society. The Festival wants to create an opportunity to understand technology through society and to explain people and society through technology, with the adoption of multiple languages (including literature, cinema, and music) and exploring many domains (including sport, disabilities and education).

The Politecnico di Torino promotes and organizes the Festival with the collaboration of local and national public institutions, cultural institutes, etc. The result will be a festival that, while having its core on the Politecnico campus, will involve many other locations and institutions throughout the city of Torino.

Festival Venues

Festival della Tecnologia will be a widespread event, which, starting from Politecnico’s campuses, will involve numerous local cultural spots. The core location will be Politecnico’s Main Campus, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi. The surrounding area of Corso Duca degli Abruzzi will be equipped with geodetic structures that will converge into a “Village of Technology”, which will be animated by laboratories, school and family events and even street food.

The beautiful and prestigious venue of Politecnico’s School of Architecture, Castello del Valentino, will be one of the main locations, and will host events and debates in its Salone d’Onore. Among the other locations:

  • Circolo dei Lettori – one of the most popular and vibrant spots of the city of Torino, which for three days (from Friday until Monday) will be a core venue for Festival’s events focused on technology and narrative;
  • Piazza Castello – the heart of Torino’s city center, which will host an installation, an info point and a live streaming of the Festival;
  • OGR-Officine Grandi Riparazioni – the monument of Torino’s industrial history, the old train workshops that have turned into a new spot for culture and innovation
  • Other venues in the city for the Festival Diffuso programme, such as National Museum of Cinema and Polo del ‘900.

Laboratories and activities

The “Village of Technology” will mainly be devoted to schools, families and regular citizens, which will represent a relevant part of the public of Festival della Tecnologia. Three geodetic structures will host didactic laboratories and workshops, focused on technology and innovation. The activities will include coding, educational robotics, STEM, learning by doing, creativity, sustainability, recycling, conscious use of technology, energy, digital, teamwork.

One Aula Didattica will be dedicated to students and families for the entire duration of the Festival, hosting events, shows and projections of scientific dissemination and contents. Each activity will be realized by local cultural and scientific associations and institutions.